Kim Dao Has Her London Meetup and Tours London

On Sunday morning July 2nd, Kim Dao arrived at King’s Crossing to attend her meetup for her YouTube channel subscribers and also see a Hary Potter exhibit. After traveling up two escalators, Kim Dao noticed a very long line for the exhibit. She decided to stop off at a Harry Potter shop to look at sweaters, purses, and other clothing similar the costumes and accessories that the characters wore in the Harry Potter movies. When she left the Harry Potter store, the line was so long, Kim Dao considered coming back on Monday. Learn more:


Kim Dao exited the Kings Crossing building to a play area where her  meetup group was waiting for her. Kim Dao and her group decided to go to Greggs for some sausage rolls. When Kim Dao and her subscribers got to Gregg’s, she decided to get some chicken baked custard made with chicken based pastry. After the meeting, Kim Dao left the meetup group and took a double decker bus to meet a male friend outside Buckingham Palace in the park area. Once he arrives, the friends were thinking of going to see Big Ben. Mitchell is a friend a Kim Dao’s from Australia. The twosome looked at the statues and the site seeers outside of Buckingham Palace as they strolled. Kim Dao wanted to take a picture of Big Ben, but the sun got in the way, and she desired a picture of a phone booth with Big Ben behind it. It was a great day. Learn more:


The Philanthropic Life of the 11th Secretary of Education of the United States

Betsy Devos has been involved with politics since her school days at Calvin College. As a student, she became politically active championing in various causes. It’s over 30 years now and she is proud of the party organizations that she has been part of. She has also being involved in political action committees as well as other campaigns. For a period of over six years, Betsy Devos used to work as a chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. During her reign as the chairperson, her husband run for the 2006 gubernatorial seat for the state eventually losing to the Democratic candidate. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Since her younger days, Betsy Devos has dedicated her efforts to solving social problems by discovering innovative solutions. Apart from serving as the 11th secretary of the United States, Betsy Devos is also involved with a venture called Windquest Group. It’s through this venture that she has managed to help thousands of Americans. This is a venture that focuses on clean energy. This venture was established in the year 1989 through the help of his friend. Other than this organization, Betsy Devos has sought to change the lives of people through the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation where she serves as the chairwoman.

In the area of Michigan, Betsy Devos also serves on other boards focused on developing the community. These institutions include the Devos Institute of Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, the Foundation for Excellence in Education as well as Kids Hope USA and Mars Hill Bible Church. Her dedication in helping children can be seen from her involvement with the Alliance for School Choice and American Federation for Children. Through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, Betsy Devos came to the rescue of a former CNN anchor who was launching an education site. She made a contribution of $400,000 to help in the establishment of the Loudspeaker Media Inc.

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Other institutions that have benefited from her funds include the Success Academy Charter Schools. In total, the Success Academy received a total of $150,000. The founder of Success Academy Eva Moskowitz said that she was honored to receive the donations from the secretary of education. The Potter’s House in Grand Rapids is another institution that has been funded by Betsy Devos. In total, the institution received $200,000 from Devos. The Alliance for School Choice on their part received a sum of $100,000 from Betsy Devos. This donation may be attributed to the close relationship of the organization with the American Federation for Children. Other than Christian organizations, conservative organizations have also received her funding. Some of these organizations include the American Enterprise for Public Policy, Institute for Justice as well as Intercollege Studies Institute. Ferris State University, Rollins College and Davenport University are some of the institutions that have received her funding.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Helps People Get the Answers They Need

Mikhail Blagosklonny believes in the power that science has in medicine. He has worked throughout his career to make sure that he can make a difference with people who are in the oncology aspect of medicine so that he can make things better for those who want to learn more about the different things that are going on in that area of medicine. He has done a weekly review of different things in medicine called the Oncotarget so that people can learn more and find out exactly what is going on in medicine. He wants to make sure that those who are interested will be able to have a better understanding of each of the areas of medicine.

When Mikhail Blagosklonny created Oncotarget, it was aimed specifically at those who were studying cancer. It was meant to be a way for people to be able to keep up with all of the things that can happen in cancer over the course of a week. He wanted people to be able to have access to all of these things so that they would be able to learn more about what was going on and what they would be able to expect for the cancer field. Read more on

As more people began to read Oncotarget, it began to grow to new proportions. Mikhail Blagosklonny was seeing many new readers on a weekly basis and that made him want to be able to show more people what he was going to do in the field that he was a part of. Because of the way that Oncotarget was published and because of the options that people had for reading the publication, it was able to grow much more than what others had seen in the past with their medical publications.

Since Mikhail Blagosklonny saw that Oncotarget was growing, he decided that he would add to it. It now includes things like neurology, endocrinology and other medical studies. Those who have found advances in each of these areas are able to publish that information on a weekly basis. It has helped people to learn more about the different things that they can do in each of these fields and has made it easier for people to get access to the information that they need. It has also helped connect people so that they are able to come up with solutions to new, combined problems.

Those who read Oncotarget and who are able to gain information from it are generally doing so for research purposes. Whether they are doing it to learn more about the things that they can do in medicine or simply so they can have a better understanding of medicine, Oncotarget’s main focus is in the research field for those who are medical professionals or those who are aspiring medical professionals. It has been a huge help to the people who are able to learn more about the different things that are going on in medicine and the advances that people can take advantage of.

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