Who is Doe Deere and what is Lime Crime?

Doe Deere is a beautiful, whimsical and creative, cosmetic genius who allows fantasy and mythology to inspire her craft! She was born in Russia, raised in New York and chose to study fashion design, which lead to her becoming an extremely successful entrepreneur in 2008. Though initially she launched her company online, now she is well known as the “Unicorn Queen” of colors and sits as the CEO and founder of Lime Crime in Los Angeles, California. She is always passionately working to create vibrant colors while maintaining an environment in her laboratory that has been certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny for no cruelty to animals, and vegan. Returning to her roots, Lime Crime is offering eye-shadows again among many other gorgeous glam items that all complement one another! The eye-shadow line is named Venus and the shades vary in 4 finishes from matte to metallic and 18 shades which are called by word pictures like Eden, Aphrodite and Goddess. Colors range from outrageous rainbows to subdued brilliant pastels and mauves, but are always a must see. Explore www.limecrime.com to enjoy more information and also to get some fabulous tips, there are how to sections throughout.

This cosmetic line culminated from a love of fairy tales and makeup. Originally designing clothes and wanting to wear make-up to match is what gave her the idea to create her own. As with most great inspirations, necessity was the mother of invention. While trying to get exact colors, she noticed it was impossible with what was available at the time, so she started designing her own colors. Purple was selected as the color of her brand to represent creativity. Presenting a new way of wearing make-up, what she wanted to offer was fun, freedom and feel-good to everyone. Never leaving out animals, the mascot for Lime Crime is a unicorn to represent individuality, unique beauty and her commitment to always be kind to animals.

In 2004, Lime Crime clothing designs were sold on eBay with her first Digital Store. She was pretty much an immediate success, as it took less than a full year before she had solid sales. However it was in 2008, with the make-up line and online tutorials that made her brand so popular. 2009 really brought major changes to her volume and revenue because the publicity had taken off.

She attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she majored in fashion design and illustration, but ultimately dropped out to pursue her own clothing line. Somewhere along the way her passion was much more obvious once she started playing with the idea of implementing her own make-up. Her work is evident of her gratitude for the opportunity to have learned about fashion trend flows and how to market designs as it demonstrates how that training assisted her greatly in her creating her own perfect job!

In conclusion, she continues to keep her eyes on the now. Creating designs specifically for Generation Z, which will be the first generation known for growing up online. If you are looking to add some excitement, trend and fabulous color to your personal make-up presentations, you must check out her website or head to the nearest sales location. Go “Unicorn Queen” go!!!

Securus Technologies and The Factors That Contribute To Why Its Solutions Stand Out

Come hell or high water, I personally believe that we all should be ready for the worst things that can happen. Just because we have security measures and we have new technologies that help us avoid risks doesn’t mean we don’t need to be extra cautious. This is precisely the mindset of Securus Technologies, as it currently develops new strategies to decrease the threats that drone technology brings.


The Measures Against Drone Threats


It is said that to destroy the toxic media, you need to use the media. This is the same thing with the things that have to do with Securus Technologies. For Securus to stop the threats of drones, it must use drones. Right now, Securus is addressing the biggest problem of drones today: delivering contraband, such as guns, cellphones, and drugs, into prisons. Securus finds solutions to this issue by mainly developing for over 18 months the right Digital Antenna Structure that’s similar to its widely popular Wireless Containment Solutions. This antenna will then power a drone that would suddenly stop incoming malicious drones floying to the prisons. These anti-drone programs are still in their trial and error stage, and so there’s still a lot to be expected. Fortunately, the investigation and empirical testing that comes with developing such products have so far been productive.


The Awards


On the same note, what you can also hear lately about Securus Tech today is the fact that it recently has won the Stevie Awards for its Customer Service and Sales Performance. It’s hard to stand out ion a competition at a large scale, and the fact that Stevie Awards has acknowledged the performance of Securus means that the workforce of Securus has indeed shown an enormous impact to many of its customers, which mostly constitutes the government. I believe the Stevie Awards usually receive about 10,000 entries per year and the fact that it recognized Securus means that the system of Securus is worthy of praise.


The Chainsmokers Latest Song Takes The Band In A New Direction

The latest release from the pop group The Chainsmokers, “Sick Boy”, has a darker, more sinister sound than what we are used to from Electronic Dance Music powerhouse. The lyrics in past hits for the duo of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart have always hit on current issues both personal and social, and the lyrics to “Sick Boy” are no different. Their latest release though, sounds angrier than the songs that put The Chainsmokers on the map.

Originally The Chainsmokers consisted of Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler. When Bixler left in 2012 Pall was introduced to Drew Taggart by their manager Adam Alpert. At the time they were mainly remixing songs from indie bands, until in the same year they collaborated with Priyanka Chopra on the single “Erase”. Since then it’s been a series of one hit after the other.

The Chainsmokers can never be considered slackers. Their fans have gotten used to them putting out a new song almost every month. “Sick Boy” though was released nearly nine months after their last release. The work they put into it shows where they are musically and personally.

When asked in a recent interview by Hugh Mcintyre why the lyrics to “Sick Boy” are noticeably darker than past songs, Taggart responded, “Honestly, frustration. A little bit of anger”. “Sick Boy” is about the social media world we live in and how it has created legions of narcissists. Lines in the song such as…

“Feed yourself with my life’s work. How many likes is my life worth?”

…hit at the heart of the frustration and anger felt by Pall and Taggart and anyone else who feels overwhelmed and consumed by social media. Taggart goes on to say “We think about how we relate to the world now with social media, and how much your projecting. You can only tell so much of a story there, too”

Sick Boy” doesn’t point fingers or make excuses for the evils that social media can create, it’s about how we handle the responses we get when we put an opinion out there.

“Make no Mistake, I live in a prison. That I built of my own religion”.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar- Putting Patients First

Respected around the world, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has made a name for himself as a board-certified plastic surgeon. Currently Dr. Jejurikar serves as a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Jejurikar has knowledge and experience working in a variety of plastic surgery areas including eyes, nose, and breast surgery. Dr. Jejurikar has built a reputation as a passionate doctor who puts his patients needs first.

Today Dr. Jejurikar is rated as one of the top physicians in the country according to patient reviews. His success comes in large part because of his philosophy. Dr. Jejurikar is firmly committed to giving the most innovative treatment to his patients. He takes time to study what the patient goals are works to produce a plan that meets their needs. His process focuses on the individual and has thus received rave reviews.

Outside of his plastic surgery, Dr. Jejurikar has a desire to give back to his community. Throughout his career he has participated in a number of mission trips including an annual trip to Bangladesh. Jejurikar works closely with a group called Smile Bangladesh to help starving children. He has also spent countless hours helping people in his local Dallas community.

Dr. Jejurikar continues to have a thriving practice. He works in several areas of plastic surgery but puts emphasis on breast augmentation, liposuction, facelifts tummy tucks. In 2012 Dr. Jejurikar’s work was recognized. He received the Compassionate Doctor Certification an award only given to a select few physicians.

Jake Gottlieb, Dedicated CIO and Philanthropist

New York native Jacob Gottlieb is currently the CIO of Visium Asset Management and has been since 2005. Gottlieb has an impressive list of accomplishments, starting with his MD at the New York University School of Medicine. Since then, he has earned an AB in Economics from Brown University and been awarded a CFA (Chartered Financial Analysis) from the Association for Investment Management and Research in 2001.


Gottlieb graduated magna cum laude from NYU School of Medicine. Following his time at NYU, he held an internship in internal medicine at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. Eventually, however, he realized that he wasn’t following his dreams, and quit the medical field to become a financial analyst.


Gottlieb served as an investment portfolio manager at Merlin Financial in London, England, for one year prior to founding Balyasny Asset Management along with others in 2001. He worked at that location as a partner and portfolio manager prior to founding Visum Asset Management in 2005. Visium Asset Management currently manages $3.5 billion in assets and its flagship project, Visium Balanced Fund, has $2.4 billion in assets and has generated an annualized return of 15.6 percent since its creation. Visium Balanced Fund is a long-short equity health care fund.

Despite Visium’s current success, Gottlieb still dreams of its growth. He hopes for Visium to become a multiproduct, multistrategy powerhouse that will rival the most successful managers in the hedge fund industry. “We’re committed to running a very high-quality, high-integrity firm,” Gottlieb says, adding that “Doing things the right way is integral to our philosophy and our culture, and we’ve built a strong firm for the long term that makes smart investments.”


Although multistrategy firms have historically been the most successful in the hedge fund industry, they have also been the most prone to failure. To ensure that Visium does not become one of the many failures in this industry, Gottlieb has dedicated himself to hiring top investment and operations talent. In 2009, he recruited Jacob Huemer as president of Visium’s Global Fund, who has experience in the field as a former member of SAC Capital Advisors. He has also brought on teams of portfolio managers, including Bradley Levie and his firm, Catalyst Investment Management.


Gottlieb believes that his education in the medical field has been important for his work as a CIO, stating that surgeons and fund managers share similar characteristics. In addition to his work with Visium, Gottlieb is a philanthropist who is active with multiple charities. One such charity is Robin Hood, New York’s largest poverty-fighting organization. Through Robin Hood’s partnerships with 200 poverty-fighting programs in New York City, this charity seeks to fund the most effective programs and make the largest possible impact on poverty. Ali Forney Center, a shelter and transitional housing program for LGBT youth, is one such program. Another is Achievement First, a network of 17 public charter schools that serve more than 6,000 K-12 students in Brooklyn, New York, and aims to deliver equal educational opportunity to America’s children.