Securus Technologies and The Factors That Contribute To Why Its Solutions Stand Out

Come hell or high water, I personally believe that we all should be ready for the worst things that can happen. Just because we have security measures and we have new technologies that help us avoid risks doesn’t mean we don’t need to be extra cautious. This is precisely the mindset of Securus Technologies, as it currently develops new strategies to decrease the threats that drone technology brings.


The Measures Against Drone Threats


It is said that to destroy the toxic media, you need to use the media. This is the same thing with the things that have to do with Securus Technologies. For Securus to stop the threats of drones, it must use drones. Right now, Securus is addressing the biggest problem of drones today: delivering contraband, such as guns, cellphones, and drugs, into prisons. Securus finds solutions to this issue by mainly developing for over 18 months the right Digital Antenna Structure that’s similar to its widely popular Wireless Containment Solutions. This antenna will then power a drone that would suddenly stop incoming malicious drones floying to the prisons. These anti-drone programs are still in their trial and error stage, and so there’s still a lot to be expected. Fortunately, the investigation and empirical testing that comes with developing such products have so far been productive.


The Awards


On the same note, what you can also hear lately about Securus Tech today is the fact that it recently has won the Stevie Awards for its Customer Service and Sales Performance. It’s hard to stand out ion a competition at a large scale, and the fact that Stevie Awards has acknowledged the performance of Securus means that the workforce of Securus has indeed shown an enormous impact to many of its customers, which mostly constitutes the government. I believe the Stevie Awards usually receive about 10,000 entries per year and the fact that it recognized Securus means that the system of Securus is worthy of praise.


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