Rocketship Education Making a Difference in the Education Sector

A majority of schools in Tennessee recently learned of the academic progress their students have heard over the past year. However, Davidson County elementary schools will have to wait until next year to learn about their progress. The delay in the release of their academic means that the focus on the elementary schools will shift to the student’s proficiency. There is still another mode of assessment that a majority of public schools in Nashville are using to track the progress of their students. The method of evaluation is known as the Measures of Academic Progress or simply the MAP. The assessment tells the individual growth of a student throughout the year.

The proficiency scores of a student are essential, but they only tell whether the student is on grade level. While the growth scores of the student, tells of the classroom success of the student. The use of the MAP assessment method is therefore, an efficient method of tracking the progress of students. Rocketship Public Schools is among the list of schools that are using the MAP assessment method. Rocketship Education is a public chartered school that is based in California. Its primary goal is to provide education to the less privileged children nationwide.

Their primary purpose is to eliminate the success gap by constructing a sustainable and scalable school model, which propels student success in underprivileged children across the country. Rocketship Education was founded in 2006. The instructional model they use at Rocketship Education id different from other public schools. The instructional model includes technology and teacher-student learning, which helps them match the right content for every student. They also profoundly engage parents in participating their children’s learning and the community as well. So how does MAP assessment work?

The MAP looks at the consistent performance of the student and determines the required performance level per student. Students that lag behind in Rocketship Education are not left behind. They are nurtured and can close the gap within one-year. Rocketship Education achieves such results through effective teaching. The practical teaching process involves regularly monitoring and measuring the student. Paying attention to the student helps produce successful results.

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