The Leadership of Randal Nardone

Fortress Investment Group was co-founded by Randal Nardone and Wes Edens in 1998. Both entered the leadership of Fortress as leading financial experts. Randal Nardone continues to lead the company as its CEO. It also remains based in New York City. He has led it to become one of the most respected investment firms in the world. In 2017 it was reported that it was then managing $43.6 billion. Prior to co-founding Fortress, Randal Nardone worked in a vast amount of financial positions. He originally intended to enter the law field, earning both a B.A. in English and Biology from Connecticut University and an M.A. and Juris Doctor in law from Boston University’s School of Law.

He began his career working for Thatcher Proffitt & Wood law firm. He encountered much of the financial field in the following years since law and finances are two closely linked industries. He became so interested in it that soon he devoted himself to it full time. In 1997 he worked for BlackRock Financial Management and in 1998 work as Managing Director for UBS. That is the year he changed the rest of his professional life by founding Fortress. He was first made in CEO in 2013 and began to oversee all financial and legal matters.

Randal Nardone has several other leadership positions in other companies. He is the president of Ncs 1 Llc, president of Springleaf Financial Holding LLC, secretary and vice president of the Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC and director of Touch Care Holdings LLC. To make a huge understatement, Nordone is a very busy man.

Fortress Investment Group prides itself on being of its strong equal employment philosophy that never discriminates against a prospective employee because of their race, sex, or religion. It is so strong in this, in fact, that it is currently the top-most diverse employer among investment firms worldwide.

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