Drew Madden And Ever Changing World of Healthcare

Every year seems to bring a sea change in the world of healthcare. In fact, one of the biggest pharmacy chains in the United States recently make a huge purchase to stave off a possible future threat. That company, CVS, recently announced the acquisition of the healthcare insurance giant Aetna. And this move was made to stop a potential threat from the tech world – Amazon.

The CVS purchase of Aetna was seen as an unexcited move by many. However, after some extensive research, healthcare experts seemed to decipher the reason behind CVS’s purchase of the healthcare insurance giant. Recently, it appeared that Amazon had been approved to sell healthcare related equipment in several states. If Amazon decides to make their move into the retail health business, the e-commerce giant could undercut CVS and other retail health related stores.

Amazon has engaged in this type of disruptive behavior before. Several years ago, Amazon shocked the world when they purchased Whole Foods. After the move was announced, the price of Amazon’s stock shot up, effectively covering the purchase price of the upscale supermarket chain. Conversely, the price of other supermarket stocks went down. Knowing what Amazon can do to conventional brick and mortar companies, CVS decided to make the proactive move to buy Aetna.

One of the leading experts in the healthcare IT sector, Drew Madden, has been at the forefront of helping medical professionals care for their patients. For decades, Mr. Madden has been innovating the world of electronic healthcare information to make it easier for that information to be transfer from hospital to hospital. The result is that a medical professional can easily access that information and properly treat a patient with minimal downtime.

Drew Madden started his healthcare IT career at Cerner Corporation. Later on, Mr. Madden moved on to Nordic Consulting where he grew the company from 10 to 725 employees. Revenue, at Nordic Consulting, also grew from $1 million to over $130 million annually. Mr. Madden earned a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering.

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