Roberto Santiago was born as well as raised in Joao Pessoa and attended Pio X-Marist College and attained a business administration undergraduate degree from the University of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago initially started his career in a manufacturing company in Brazil known as Café Santa Rosa. After a while, he left the job and initiated his corporate which made and sold cartons made of cardboard. He kept on discovering more marketing gaps and finally ventured in real estate business. As such, he bought land constructed the Manila mall in 1987. The mall is well built on a 75,000-meter square piece of land, and it was built in two years and launched in 1989. The launches mall comprised of 280 stores, which were inclusive of games areas, food courts, many shopping stores, gym and the financial institutions. Roberto Santiago Manaira shopping mall is one of the prestigious malls in Brazil. The Mall has hosted the famous Brazilian halls Domus Hall positioned on the rooftop. The hall is spacious and has enough capacity to host weddings, big conferences, exhibitions and even the Brazilian graduation ceremonies. The hall can accommodate up to four thousand seats as well as ten thousand standing people. The hall has been recently refurbished and installed with air conditioners, soundproof walls and the high tech music systems have been established.


The famous Manaira Mall has been installed with entertainment facilities for both adults and children. The gaming section accommodates betting machines ranging to two hundred. The Manaira Mall further has restaurants that accommodate various customers’ tastes and preference and different classes. Roberto strategically constructed the Manaira Mall amid two beaches hence giving an opportunity of great view to shoppers. In addition to that, the Manaira Mall has a conducive packing space that can be estimated to be one hundred and thirty-five feet. The parking space is enough hence, visitors can pack up to three thousand cars.


Roberto continued to exploit more the market gaps he realized, and in 2013, he set up another shopping mall known as Manaira. The Mangeira Mall Mall is similar to Manaira in terms of meeting the customer’s needs. As such, the two malls have drastically lured developed the areas where they are established. Therefore, several corporations and enterprises have been established around the two malls. Consequently boosting the Brazilian economy. Furthermore, the land surrounding the malls and within the outskirts has mainly appreciated. With the two significant malls, Roberto Santiago has been fundamental in shaping the needs of entertainment seekers and the shoppers. Roberto Santiago Prosperity is the corporate world can be attributed to his hard work, determination, vision, objectivity and his commitment to deliver to the target consumers.


Who is Doe Deere and what is Lime Crime?

Doe Deere is a beautiful, whimsical and creative, cosmetic genius who allows fantasy and mythology to inspire her craft! She was born in Russia, raised in New York and chose to study fashion design, which lead to her becoming an extremely successful entrepreneur in 2008. Though initially she launched her company online, now she is well known as the “Unicorn Queen” of colors and sits as the CEO and founder of Lime Crime in Los Angeles, California. She is always passionately working to create vibrant colors while maintaining an environment in her laboratory that has been certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny for no cruelty to animals, and vegan. Returning to her roots, Lime Crime is offering eye-shadows again among many other gorgeous glam items that all complement one another! The eye-shadow line is named Venus and the shades vary in 4 finishes from matte to metallic and 18 shades which are called by word pictures like Eden, Aphrodite and Goddess. Colors range from outrageous rainbows to subdued brilliant pastels and mauves, but are always a must see. Explore to enjoy more information and also to get some fabulous tips, there are how to sections throughout.

This cosmetic line culminated from a love of fairy tales and makeup. Originally designing clothes and wanting to wear make-up to match is what gave her the idea to create her own. As with most great inspirations, necessity was the mother of invention. While trying to get exact colors, she noticed it was impossible with what was available at the time, so she started designing her own colors. Purple was selected as the color of her brand to represent creativity. Presenting a new way of wearing make-up, what she wanted to offer was fun, freedom and feel-good to everyone. Never leaving out animals, the mascot for Lime Crime is a unicorn to represent individuality, unique beauty and her commitment to always be kind to animals.

In 2004, Lime Crime clothing designs were sold on eBay with her first Digital Store. She was pretty much an immediate success, as it took less than a full year before she had solid sales. However it was in 2008, with the make-up line and online tutorials that made her brand so popular. 2009 really brought major changes to her volume and revenue because the publicity had taken off.

She attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she majored in fashion design and illustration, but ultimately dropped out to pursue her own clothing line. Somewhere along the way her passion was much more obvious once she started playing with the idea of implementing her own make-up. Her work is evident of her gratitude for the opportunity to have learned about fashion trend flows and how to market designs as it demonstrates how that training assisted her greatly in her creating her own perfect job!

In conclusion, she continues to keep her eyes on the now. Creating designs specifically for Generation Z, which will be the first generation known for growing up online. If you are looking to add some excitement, trend and fabulous color to your personal make-up presentations, you must check out her website or head to the nearest sales location. Go “Unicorn Queen” go!!!