The Leadership of Randal Nardone

Fortress Investment Group was co-founded by Randal Nardone and Wes Edens in 1998. Both entered the leadership of Fortress as leading financial experts. Randal Nardone continues to lead the company as its CEO. It also remains based in New York City. He has led it to become one of the most respected investment firms in the world. In 2017 it was reported that it was then managing $43.6 billion. Prior to co-founding Fortress, Randal Nardone worked in a vast amount of financial positions. He originally intended to enter the law field, earning both a B.A. in English and Biology from Connecticut University and an M.A. and Juris Doctor in law from Boston University’s School of Law.

He began his career working for Thatcher Proffitt & Wood law firm. He encountered much of the financial field in the following years since law and finances are two closely linked industries. He became so interested in it that soon he devoted himself to it full time. In 1997 he worked for BlackRock Financial Management and in 1998 work as Managing Director for UBS. That is the year he changed the rest of his professional life by founding Fortress. He was first made in CEO in 2013 and began to oversee all financial and legal matters.

Randal Nardone has several other leadership positions in other companies. He is the president of Ncs 1 Llc, president of Springleaf Financial Holding LLC, secretary and vice president of the Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC and director of Touch Care Holdings LLC. To make a huge understatement, Nordone is a very busy man.

Fortress Investment Group prides itself on being of its strong equal employment philosophy that never discriminates against a prospective employee because of their race, sex, or religion. It is so strong in this, in fact, that it is currently the top-most diverse employer among investment firms worldwide.

Finance Executive Gareth Henry Joins Angelo, Gordon & Co

Gareth Henry is a seasoned finance professional who has served in a key management role at Fortress Investment Group. While working at this firm, he would work as one of the managing directors as well as the marketing department. These two positions enabled Gareth Henry to get valuable experience in promoting an investment firm as well as bring in top clients. Under his leadership as a managing director, Henry helped the firm maintain its standing as one of the top investment firms in the world. He also helped establish and maintain key client relationships as well. With his experience as both a managing director and marketing department head, Henry has attracted the attention of other firms in the industry. In a recent announcement, Gareth will be joining the firm Angelo, Gordon & Co and serve as its managing director.

As the new managing director of Angelo, Gordon & Co, Gareth Henry will continue to build on his experience in developing client relations. He is going to participate in the promotion of the firm as well as assist it with getting new clients on a regular basis. With the addition of Henry, Angelo, Gordon & Co will be in position to grow and expand in the very near future.

By getting this new opportunity, Gareth Henry is very excited about being part of yet another highly reputable investment firm. He has had very positive things to say about Angelo, Gordon & Co. Henry recently stated that the firm has proven its ability to adjust to changes in market cycles and adapt effectively. Gareth also said that the firm has the proven ability to generate positive returns for investor clients on a consistent basis. As a result, he is very eager to begin helping this firm continue improving its reputation within the finance industry.

Prior to becoming a managing director for investment firms, Gareth got his first experience doing research at a London based firm known as Schroders. While working at this firm he would gather information about different classes of assets. He would then provide assessments of them for upper management. This helped him gain extensive knowledge of various investment options and how the financial industry works. It would also propel him to his current positions in upper level management.

Shervin Pishevar – Nostradamus of the US Economy

Shervin Pishevar, an Iranian-American venture capitalist, and philanthropist is known to be a man of many words. He has had a hand in developing businesses that touch most of our lives, such as Uber and Tumblr. His background proves that he is well versed in the mechanics of investments and helping small businesses grow. The founder of Sherpa Capital stepped down in December after allegations of sexual misconduct, and from there, Shervin Pishevar has been spending more time on Twitter, in a 21-hour long “tweetstorm” predicting his view of the future on many levels.

Key Predictions

Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) predicts that the market will drop 6000 points in the months ahead, and bonds will become volatile.

Bitcoin will continue to crash, citing the “era of cheap money is dead”, and underemployment is stunting economic growth. Gold, by contrast, will continue to increase in value.

US infrastructure is crumbling and in the shadow of rivals like China, who “built a train station in 9 hours”. Innovators like Elon Musk, however, have a bright future with SpaceX and Hyperloop One as long as they can get the support to execute.

US startups like Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Apple have a monopoly on Silicon Valley, which are smothering startup growth of new companies.

Decoding the Tweets

Shervin Pishevar has never been a man to mince words, nor is he afraid to let us in to his stream of consciousness. While generally his tweets paint a bleak future for the US economy, he he does see hope in encouraging startup companies, and in technology to put everything back on track again. He also alludes to actions taken against immigration at stifling culture and development while rivals in other nations achieve amazing things.

Whether or not Shervin Pishevar’s tweets are taken seriously or not, it is an interesting and unique view of the US state of affairs from the perspective of an immigrant investor who has helped develop so many brands we use today. Over the coming months and years, the investment community will be watching and waiting to see how many predictions come to be.

Madison Street Capital – article recap

There can be a flaw in the techniques that were formerly effective by funding experts. The high-quality methods for alternative investment had been ineffective for correct earnings. This can be seen in a number of the smaller investment firms and hedging agencies. They’d had a tough time garnering more quantities of profit in past years. Their traces have been lagging within the 2nd and third quarters. One company, Madison street Capital, has shown more quantity of resilience to these sluggish instances. Madison Street Capital has a history of producing greater returns on their clients’ investments due to the alternative techniques they employ.


The M&A marketing consultant Awards have announced the winner of their nomination for Debt Financing Deal of the year. Madison street Capital, because of their transaction with WLR has uniquely underwritten the debt of cars and won. They had been the underwriters of the automotive company’s debt. This technique of underwriting the debt of personal property and the use of it to generate interest for buyers in an innovative manner is meant to expose clients to the value of their corporation. They have been an outstanding organisation for the reward. They have been up in opposition to a number of the greatest deal makers and specialists in the space. There have been 650 contributors on the awards ceremony and that they applauded the success of the finance enterprise.


The Madison Street Capital reputation for excellence and fulfillment is one which precedes them. The M&A Advisory Board was venerated to give the award. There have been speakers and they spoke to the numerous corporations within the financial realm. The speakers indexed revolutionary methods for corporations to provide their customers with heightened returns. The fine strategies had been those that blanketed the opportunity techniques of coping with debt and handling assets. The institution that was present on the awards rite was quite super and they wanted to thank every firm in attendance.


Madison Street Capital was also nominated for the Boutique investment Banking firm and the monetary Deal of the year. To have such a lot of awards and accomplishments shows that Madison street Capital is a superb investment company. They may be known for their lifestyle and supportive team of group of workers. They make it a prime priority to show their appreciation to personnel and they congratulate their body of workers on making the deals that made them the high-quality hedge fund they are today.


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