Jose Auriemo Neto Ascending to Leadership

Jose Auriemo Neto achieved the peak of his career when he was promoted to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the JHSF. The corporation works in real estate development as well as retail and has been around for decades as one of the leading property development companies in Brazil.

The corporation was established in 1972 by businessman Fabio Auriemo. The JHSF serves in Brazil, the United States of America, and Uruguay. The corporation provides services in the realms of real estate development of commercial and residential popery such as hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants, to name a few.

At the start, the company was called JHS, and it worked in construction and development of real estate. By the 90s, the corporation had split into two smaller businesses. Co-founder Fabio Auriemo took control of the JHSF Participates which works in real estate market operations while Jose Roberto Auriemo was at the helm of the JHSJ, as the other business was called.

The JHSF Participacos is the company that has Jose Auriemo Neto at the top. He is the great-grandson of the co-founder. Before his ascension to the post, Jose Auriemo Neto worked under the leadership of his father, who was leading the corporation.

He was promoted after heading a project that he fervently suggested to his father. That project was to build luxury residential buildings along with a mall and parks at the end of a highway. At first, his father was skeptical about the idea, but after seeing the land himself, he agreed to fund the project and to have Jose Auriemo Neto as its leader.

The project was a success, and it proved the leadership skills and understanding that Neto amassed over the years of working at the JHSF Participacoes. The project is one of his most successful endeavors to this day.