OSI Group – Experienced Food Industry Leader

The OSI Group is a well established multi national organization who has a strong commitment to their customers & employees. They help other company’s achieve success by producing food options for organizations. They succeed when their customers succeed. The OSI Group is one of the largest food providers in the world, expanding their practices into several countries & continents. The company was founded over a century ago in Chicago Illinois. The organization has a strong dedication to their innovation & efficiency for the benefit of their customers. The OSI Group had an amazing food company as a customer in the early stages of their company.

That company was McDonalds. Mcdonalds was expanding quickly and needed a supplier for their food. OSI stepped up to the challenge and helped McDonalds reach their production needs. The company was able to efficiently deliver the food for McDonalds while maintaining affordability. A breakthrough occurred later down the road with the innovation of fast freezing cryogenic technology which allowed the food to be frozen and shipped long distances to reach the ever expanding restaurant chain. The relationship between OSI and McDonalds was very strong. In 1973, OSI created a plant solely for McDonalds production. This consolidated the supply chain management for OSI and increased efficiency and lowered costs for both McDonalds and OSI. Prior to the name “OSI” OSI was known as Otto & Sons until 1975.

As technology and innovation advancements allowed companies to market internationally, McDonalds saw the opportunity to expand internationally and took it. When McDonalds moved into international markets, OSI followed suit. OSI began meeting the food production needs for McDonalds internationally. After becoming a massive player in the food industry, OSI saw several growth opportunities and began producing other food options for organizations other than solely McDonalds production. Although McDonalds continued to be their dominant customer, OSI began expanding into other food production options to diversify their business operations. Today the OSI Group remains one of the largest private companies in the United States with revenue over 6 billion dollars.